'HANNITY': Trump says media 'poison the voters' by publishing allegations

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lashed out Friday at coverage of his campaign, saying that the press was attempting to "poison the voters" by publishing allegations that he had sexually assaulted women in the past.


"Just so you understand, all that stuff it was fabricated, made up, never happened," Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity on 'Hannity'. "It never happened. It’s not like a question of it may have, none of it ever happened."


Multiple women have come forward in recent weeks to accuse the real estate mogul of sexual misconduct. The allegations date as far back as 1979 and up through 2007.

Trump tied the accusations back to emails linked by Wikileaks that showed close professional ties between members of the media and high-ranking Clinton campaign officials.

"Look at what came out today about the New York Times where they have reporters that are soft or safe or something," Trump said. "I have those same reporters and they are brutal. They’re not brutal, they’re dishonest."

"This is all stuff that doesn’t exist," Trump added. "This is dirty, disgusting stuff. And it’ll be revealed at some point ... And you know what, it’s no way that it should be. We’re supposed to be a great democracy."

The GOP nominee also weighed on secretly recorded footage showing Democratic operatives appearing to brag about inciting violence at Republican rallies.

"When you look at those tapes, it’s disgusting," Trump said, discussing a Chicago rally that was canceled due to a riot March 11 "They’re real thugs, by the way. Real thugs and they injured policemen, they injured people and they should be put in jail ... And who got blamed for it? Our rally people. Us. Me. We all got blamed for it and it had nothing to do with us."