Gingrich: 'Hillary's problem in debate will be her past'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich shared a number of predictions Tuesday morning ahead of the first Democratic debate, including his suggestion that Hillary Clinton's past will come back to haunt her on stage.

The 2012 GOP candidate told Fox News' "Fox and Friends" that the Democratic debate will draw a "very small audience" and be "very boring" in comparison to the first two Republican primary debates, which drew well over 20 million viewers each.

"The 10 million will trail off when Americans realize 'Do you really want to be listening to the five people up there,' " Gingrich said, referring to the anticipated number of viewers for Tuesday's prime-time debate in Las Vegas, Nev.

Clinton, who participated in several presidential primary debates throughout her failed White House bid in 2008, will take center stage as the Democratic front-runner during the first debate.