Freshman Congressman Leads Charge Against Obama Recess Appointments

Freshman Congressman Jeff Landry, R-La., says that President Obama is misusing recess appointments, and he's going to do something about it.

"When the president puts up nominees, they go through the confirmation process, and the senate blocks them or doesn't confirm them, and then he waits for a recess appointment just to appoint those people. He is circumventing the Constitution," said Landry on Fox News Saturday.

"When we have 9 percent unemployment we don't want appointees by the president who are going to do more to stifle this economy," added Congressman Landry.

To attempt to keep that from happening, Landry has drafted a letter that was signed by more than 70 freshman congressmen, saying that they would hold sessions in shifts to keep the House and Senate from going into recess, starting with their next scheduled break in August.

"I think it's not only an important issue for me, but a lot of my freshmen colleagues who came to Washington to hold this administration and this federal government accountable. It's our responsibility," said Landry.

Congressman Landry says the Senate needs to take responsibility as well.

"Look the senate hasn't done much this year, so I don't see why they can't take up his nominees and go through the confirmation process," said Lee.

You can see the list of freshmen who have signed onto the pledge on Landry's website.