First Lady Keeps Fit With Running and Lifting Weights

Ever wonder how First Lady Michelle Obama keeps trim with her hectic schedule?

Regular exercise is to thank for her buff bod.

Mrs. Obama told a group of Olympians and Paralympians Wednesday that she also likes to play tennis to stay in shape.

Continuing her push to get kids moving and combat childhood obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted an event at River Terrace Elementary School in Washington, DC to promote exercise and proper nutrition.

At Wednesday's event Mrs. Obama was asked what she does for fitness.  She told the audience that she loves sports, and lately has been hitting the tennis court as often as possible.

"I try to play it as much as I can. I work out every day," the first lady said.  "I run on the treadmill. I lift weights. The President loves basketball. And sometimes I play, but I don't know about basketball."

The president and first lady will host members of the Olympics and Paralympics teams at the White House late Wednesday afternoon.