‘Expel me!’ Nebraska senator challenges lawmakers after ISIS-cop comparison

LINCOLN, Neb. — A defiant state Sen. Ernie Chambers says he’s ready for his colleagues to punish him for speaking his mind when he compared police to ISIS terrorists.

“I have not taken it back, I have not apologized for it,” Chambers said. “I will not take it back, I will not apologize for it.”

The north Omaha lawmaker spent two hours Monday morning lambasting fellow lawmakers on the floor of the Legislature, calling them petty and thin-skinned, threatening to gum up the legislative session and daring them to censure him for comparing cops to ISIS terrorists during a March 20 hearing.“I just wish you’d try to censure me,” Chambers said. “In fact, don’t stop there, expel me!”

The tidal wave was unleashed after Omaha Sen. Beau McCoy, R-Omaha, delivered on his promise to stand up and call on Chambers to apologize every day until he does so. McCoy read an Omaha World-Herald editorial condemning Chambers’ comments, saying he went too far, regardless of context or perspective.

Chambers often goes on anti-white racist rants and calls Christians hypocrites, but his colleagues rarely say anything about it, and the media often ignores it. But after Nebraska Watchdog reported Chambers’ latest inflammatory speech, national headlines followed, and on Thursday a number of lawmakers stood up and called on Chambers to apologize, clarify or, in one case, resign.

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