Doug Schoen on Syria: I predict we will attack

During a discussion Monday on Live's "Political Insiders" about the situation in Syria and reports of U.N. inspectors being fired at by snipers, Fox News contributor Doug Schoen predicted the U.S. will take offensive action against the embattled Assad regime.

"I predict we will attack," said Schoen. "I predict it will be a discrete cruise missile attack on government resources."

Earlier Monday, a U.N. spokesperson said inspectors investigating the scene of a possible chemical weapons attacks came under fire by unidentified snipers in Damascus. Schoen says this attack is sending a strong message.

"I take this mortar or sniper fire to be a direct insult, effectively, not only to the U.N. but to the United States, basically daring us to do something," said Schoen, co-host of "Political Insiders."

In a discussion with former New York Rep. John LeBoutillier, the former pollster for President Clinton said the administration doesn’t know what to do.


"The sad thing is we don’t really have an opposition in Syria to support. The opposition in Syria is heavily dependant on and integrated with Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda related groups. So we sit here John, having waited to get involved, having not responded to the provocative actions of Bashar al-Assad and having not responded yet to the terrible chemical weapons attack, we are literally in weakened position; the Syrian government is strengthened and the Russians are emboldened."

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