Don't laugh: The Jeb Bush victory scenario

The conventional wisdom that Jeb Bush is dead has become so unanimous it's only natural to suspect it's wrong.

Yes, the polls are atrocious. Bush, now seeking traction with a New Hampshire tour, is at four percent in the latest Fox News national survey and a weak fifth in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. The trend, for the moment, seems to be down, down, down.

Yet there is a not-crazy scenario in which Bush could rise again, not to dominate the race but to be in the running when the four candidates ahead of him self-destruct, kill each other, or run out of gas.

JebWorld held a focus group in New Hampshire the day after Bush's disastrous performance at the Republican debate in Boulder. According to a source deep inside JebWorld, the result was not only not terrible, it pointed to five areas of promise for Bush: