Donald Trump To Iowa

In his speech at CPAC last month, Donald Trump was outlining the many ways he thinks America would be better if he was President, when he was interrupted by someone in the crowd. "You're hired!" the mystery audience member shouted, excitedly making a play on Trump's famous reality show catchphrase.

Now, the longtime CEO might give his enthusiastic heckler the chance to do just that- hire him. Trump says he will soon head to Iowa, the site of the first caucus of the next election cycle, to get some face time with residents before deciding if he wants to apply for a new job: President of the United States.

"I will meet many, many people-- maybe all of the people," Trump tells the Des Moines Register in an interview. "If I decide to run, I will be shaking hands with everybody."

In addition, Fox News has learned that one of Trump's top business associates is heading to Iowa Monday to promote a potential presidential bid.

Michael Cohen is vice president and counsel to Trump's real estate development conglomerate. He's also a founder of Should Trump Run. The website, which has had 461,000 visitors since it launched a month ago, is aimed at boosting interest for a Trump candidacy.

In the Des Moines Register interview, "The Donald" outlined what he would do if he makes the move from the penthouse to the White House, explaining the top of his to-do list would be making sure the United States remains economically competitive on the world stage. Part of that, he insists, would be setting up tougher trade regulations with China, who he thinks is unfairly profiting off the American economy. "We don't need to be free trade with a company that's making a $300 billion profit," he said about the trade deficit.

His famous business sense came out again, when he suggested the United States should start charging countries that benefit from our mighty military's protection. "Nobody pays us. We're like the stupid drunkard that doesn't know what they are doing," he complains, before promising swift action- if he runs, and wins. "I will start with the fact that all of these countries that are sucking billions of dollars out of our lungs will not be doing that a week after I get into office.

Some other heavy issues Trump weighed in on: abortion rights, which he is against; the right to bear arms, which he supports; and gay marriage, which he opposes.

The possible candidate defended his own marriages, or at least the two that ended in divorce, explaining that they dissolved because of his strong work ethic. "One of the reasons I was divorced is because I worked very hard... And, you know, that's a good reason. But I worked very, very hard building up a great company."

Donald Trump is expected to announce his intentions about a potential presidential run in June.