Donald Trump responds to Hecklers with 'Hispanics 4 Trump!' sign

Donald Trump was heckled by Hispanics in Kentucky and he responded by holding a giant sign that said he’s loved by the community.

During a 35-minute speech in Louisville on Tuesday, hecklers could be seen on camera marching throughout the room holding posters that read, ”They are NOT rapists,” an apparent reference to Trump’s controversial comments in June of 2015 about Mexican immigrants. Others held signs that read “Feel the Bern!”

At some point, Trump decided he had enough. In response to the hecklers, he pulled a sign from the crowd that read “Hispanics 4 Trump!”

“Get em’ out! Get em’ out of here! It’s incredible,” he said of the protesters. “Give me that sign. I want to see that sign. Get me that sign I want to see that sign.”

He held up the sign saying “Hispanics 4 Trump!” He nodded his head yes and said, “It’s true. It’s true.”

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