Dog Days at the White House

It wasn't quite a dog day afternoon at the White House but it was close. Bo, the highly anticipated Portuguese water dog, made his debut on the South Lawn of the White House today to a throng of media.

Bo, a gift to the Obama children, Malia and Sasha, is black and white and furry all over. And he's a typical puppy. He walked up and down the South Lawn, smelling the press corps, panting, chasing and happily wagging his tail.

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Mr. Obama said he finally has a friend in the White House, just like President Truman once said, and the girls said they love him. Bo will apparently have to learn how to swim, the President said the dogs are not born with that ability, and then pointed out the dogs paws, telling the press they are webbed for the swimming that's bound to come in the future.

The entire first family walked the dog all the way down towards what is now the vegetable garden and back up again, with Bo pausing to be a dog and perhaps christen the lawn.

Bo will eventually get sleep overs and playdates with Senator Kennedy's dogs, who are from the same breeder, but for now, he's just getting used to life at the White House. As Mrs. Obama told him on his way out to greet the press, welcome to your new life.