DHS Memo Suggests Shooter May Be Linked To Racist Organization

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According to a law enforcement memo based on information provided by DHS and obtained by Fox News, Jared Loughner, the alleged shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, may have been influenced by a pro-white racist organization that publishes an anti-immigration newsletter.

No direct connection, but strong suspicion is being direceted at American Renaissance, an organization that Loughner mentioned in some of his internet postings and federal law enforcement officials are investigating Loughner's possible links to the organization. The organization is a monthly publication that promotes a variety of white racial positions.

"The group's ideology is anti government, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic," according to the memo which goes on to point out that Congressman Giffords is the first Jewish female elected to high office in Arizona. A recent posting on American Renaissance's website on January 7 begins with an article entitled: "Exit poll: Whites are Different." The site goes on to list anti-immigration articles. Investigators are also pursuing Loughner's alleged anti-Semitism.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken command of the investigation.

According to the memo, Federal Judge John Roll's wife told law enforcement that he was not supposed to be at the rally but was called an hour beforehand and decided to attend at the last minute. Roll reportedly ruled on a controversial 32 million dollar civil rights lawsuit in February 2010 that elicited death threats for him and his family resulting in added security detail being assigned to him as a result.

Further, the suspect's mother works for the Pime County Board of Supervisors. The suspect reportedly has at least one arrest, but no criminal record, according to this internal memo based on information as of 6 pm Saturday night. Jared Loughner tried to enlist in the US Army in Dec 2008, according to Pentagon officials and Army records. He was rejected but the Army would not give the reason due to privacy laws. Loughner was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia in 2007.