Deputy White House Press Secretary Leaving White House

Another one of President Obama's long-time aides from the campaign trail is leaving the administration. White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton, who was also a top contender for the press secretary position, will be departing the White House Friday to start his own political consulting firm.

Burton sent an email to colleagues explaining his decision, "And while I have felt a real fulfillment in this position -- from the walls of this building to the shores of Honolulu -- painting the new baby's room this past weekend gave me clarity about a house I might want to spend a little more time in."

The deputy press secretary will team up with Sean Sweeney, a White House aide who worked closely with former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, on the new project.

Burton has been with Obama since the beginning of his campaign, which officially launched four years ago last week on February 10, 2007.

The move comes along other White House communication shake-ups, including a new press secretary.

Burton was once considered on the short-list for that position, but it ultimately went to former Vice President Biden Communication Director Jay Carney. Carney held his first briefing Wednesday.

Sweeney and Burton also worked at the Democratic National Committee together with Emanuel before joining team Obama.