Democratic operative, Media Matters founder Brock resigns from pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action

Democratic operative David Brock reportedly resigned Monday from the board of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, a move that appears to show cracks in the financial power base created to help Hillary Clinton become president in 2016.

The resignation by Brock, who founded the liberal group Media Matters, was reported first by Politico. However, by late Monday, he reportedly was reconsidering. According to The Washington Post, he said he was open to rejoining after speaking to leaders of the super PAC.

Brock had accused Priorities officials of helping plant a recent story in The New York Times that questions the fundraising practices of his pro-Clinton groups, American Bridge and Media Matters, and the super PAC Ready for Hillary, according to his resignation letter obtained by Politico.

The Times story in part points out that veteran fundraiser Mary Pat Bonner gets a 12.5 percent commission for money raised for Brock’s groups and a smaller percentage for Ready for Hillary.

Clinton has not said yet whether she will seek the Democratic nomination and the presidency next year.

Media Matters did not respond to a request Monday by to verify Brock’s resignation.

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