Connecticut Gov Race: Voter Investigation Demanded

There are allegations of "widespread irregularities" and possible voter fraud in Connecticut.

Sources tell us that in Bridgeport, an overwhelmingly Democratic city where polls remained open for two extra hours, some of the alleged problems included: a bag of ballots that was left unattended by a pregnant poll worker who went home sick, ballots were copied without one case, copied inside the Democratic mayor's office, vote sheets didn't add up, and union election workers allegedly left replica ballots, with the Democratic candidates' names marked off, in polling booths, which is an apparent election violation.

Those are just some of the allegations officials will now have to deal with when Republican candidate Tom Foley announces what his campaign has uncovered, and what they plan to do about it.

Foley trails Democratic candidate Dan Malloy by about 5,600 votes, but Foley could announce that his campaign is taking legal steps or demanding a hand recount.

Some voters say they waited in line for an hour, while some others just plain gave up.

Others tell us that their polling places were switched and that they are not sure if their votes were tallied.

And about that two hour voting extension in Bridgeport, one comment from viewer Alex from Greenwich, Connecticut said that "there are far too many questions...The two hour delay would provide ample time to determine which registered voters were probably not going to actually come into the polling station and vote. As the registered voting lists are checked off by hand, two hours would provide time to just check off (a) large number of names."

Mary Ellen, from Farmington, Connecticut writes: "Photocopies of ballots were made, a robo-call was sent out to residents of Bridgeport..something's rotten in the state of anybody looking into this?"

Democratic Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz assures voters that the extra polling hours in Bridgeport would not have swung the race, and election officials tell Fox News that any allegations of potential voter fraud will be investigated.

Officials in Bridgeport did not print enough ballots, which is why a Judge ordered the polls to remain open for two extra hours. Bridgeport registration runs about 63 percent Democratic, and 6.7 percent Republican.

If you suspect voting problems or voter fraud where you live, tell us. We have also been receiving reports from across the country about suspicious voting from nursing homes, group homes, and mental health facilities. Relatives of some patients are outraged and want us to investigate.

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