Columnist Peter Wehner on ObamaCare: 'In real time, this program isn't working'

Columnist Peter Wehner said Monday that the compounding problems with ObamaCare may reverberate beyond the Obama administration’s executive bubble.

“I think he really was detached from reality. It was very odd saying it was a really good program. It's an exceptional program. It's not,” Wehner said. “The trouble is we have moved from the abstract to the real. People are seeing this in real time that this program isn't working.”

Three weeks after it launched, ObamaCare’s downward spiral isn’t showing signs of slowing down. In an effort of stave off the public outcry and growing consumer anger over the sign-up website that does not work, President Obama moved into crisis management mode.

And some critics are now calling for Kathleen Sebelius, the head of the Department of Health and Human services, to step down.