Clinton would 'start working on immigration reform from the beginning'

Hillary Clinton pledged Thursday that she "would start working on immigration reform from the beginning of her presidency" and bashed the GOP's immigration rhetoric.

Clinton, addressing the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, praised immigrants for being the ones who "built our country."

"Somehow we have lost the connective tissue that is built by common experience," she continued.

Clinton advocated for Latino businesses, stating that the government should do more to help their owners break into the global market. Clinton also pledged to tackle issues that Hispanic women face in the workplace.

The Democratic front-runner is the fifth 2016 candidate to do a Q&A session USHCC president Javier Palmarez. GOP front-runner Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a Q&A with the group earlier in October, but canceled the event because he was afraid the group would treat him "unfairly."