Jumping around the TV talk show landscape Sunday morning, Chris Christie and his “I did not close that bridge” scandal dominated the confabs. Will he survive? Won’t he? Did he lie? Didn’t he? Is he gonna make it to 2016?

Former GE CEO Jack Welch has had it.

Many have taken exception to the inordinate amount of media coverage the Guv from New Jersey has received. Dems, like former Obama campaign strategist, Lis Smith, are prophesying his political annihilation.

And reporters like the New York Times’ Frank Rich think he needs better wingmen.

No matter how tired Welch or others are of the New Jersey head honcho, Time’s Mark Halperin rightly predicts the media – especially the ace reporters who broke the story – are not going to let up.

Can it really be that bad for the used-to-be Golden Boy? Just ask Tricky Dick.


Pizzagate! No, Pizza-fork-gate!

Boy did Bill DeBlasio make a cutlery faux pas. The Big Apple mayor can’t just pick up a slice and chomp on it? New Yawkers are not impressed.

New York Times’ video guy says give him a break.

So why did he do it? Was he trying to be square?

Best excuse in the book: my ancestors made me do it.


Can’t end without some mention of the Golden Globes which aired last night on NBC. Yes, I know it had nothing to do with politics.

But political reporters aren’t all work and no play. They brought their analysis to Hollywood’s big show.

Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg is angling to see the show’s hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, shine their talents on policymaking.  As Bill Carter, New York Times TV reporter, tweets: they killed it.

National Journal’s Ron Fournier equates the broken sewage pipe spill on the red carpet (cleaned up before the event) with, what else, the NSA scandal. Politico’s Dan Berman names the chief investigator.

Yes, but what would they wear? I mean, come on, guys, that’s what’s really important. Right?

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