“Cautious Optimism” at Toomey HQ

A steady stream of supporters are arriving at the headquarters of Tea Party backed Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey.  Toomey’s campaign director describes the mood as “cautiously optimistic.”  Toomey is vying for the senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Arlen Specter.

Democratic candidate Congressman Joe Sestak who beat Specter in the primary has been trailing in the polls.  Sestak has closely aligned himself with President Obama voting for health care reform and the stimulus bill. Toomey has run on a platform calling for tax cuts and smaller government.

Pennsylvania Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than million voters. In an interview with Fox News Toomey said his campaign strategy is to go after not only independents but also democrats disappointed with the Obama administration.

President Obama and other high profile democrats have campaigned in the state on Sestak’s behalf. Monday night first lady Michelle Obama attended a rally at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, If Sestak is to win, analysts say he will need a strong turn out in Philadelphia where Democrats significantly out number Republicans.