California GOP congressional hopeful parodies 'House of Cards' in new ad

A congressional hopeful in California is capitalizing on the buzz surrounding “House of Cards” by parodying D.C.’s favorite drama in a new ad.

Republican Carl DeMaio, who is running against incumbent Democratic Rep. Scott Peters for California’s 52 district seat, posted a photo dubbed “House of Carl” on his just-launched Instagram account Friday.

"The dysfunction in #DC may make for good entertainment, but it has real life impacts. Time to clean up the mess," the photo reads.

The communications director for DeMaio’s campaign Dave McCulloch told the ad demonstrates how DeMaio is the “anti-Frank Underwood,” referring to the show’s main character who manipulates, lies and schemes to further his political ambitions.

DeMaio says he plans to be the antithesis of Underwood, and if elected he would dedicate himself to reforming Congress and changing business as usual on Capitol Hill.

McCulloch said DeMaio is a fan of the show and the ad is just one example of how the campaign is using different forms of advertising, including incorporating social media and pop-culture, to get his message across.

"I'm always looking for new ways to connect with San Diegans - both to spread my message of reform, but also to listen," DeMaio said in a press release. "Communication is a two-way street, and this is yet another way for me to interact with fellow San Diegans.”

DeMaio, who is openly gay, got media attention earlier this month when a campaign ad featured a picture of him holding hands with his partner at a gay pride parade.

Experts interviewed by the Wall Street Journal say they believe DeMaio's ad was the first ever released by a member of either party to feature a same-sex partner.