Cablevision workers to union: Get out

Unionized employees at the Cablevision television company are itching to leave their union, according to a new poll.

An independent pollster hired by the company asked 264 workers at a Brooklyn plant whether they wanted to remain in the Communications Workers of America union. More than 90 percent of employees participated in the poll and anti-union voters prevailed 129-115 in the anonymous vote.

“For the first time in nearly three years, our Brooklyn employees have expressed their feelings about the CWA in a vote,” the company said in a statement. “They rejected continued CWA representation. It is time for the CWA to respect our employees’ wishes and withdraw.”

Workers have run into political trouble in their quest to withdraw from CWA Local 1109. Workers submitted a decertification petition to the National Labor Relations Board, a federal labor arbiter that oversees union elections, in 2013. The union responded with a slew of unfair labor practice allegations, which are often used to delay votes.

The union dismissed the poll, calling it a “sham vote” and a “new low in the behavior of American management” in a press release.

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