BFD, Witches and Aqua Buddhas: The Year in Political Catch Phrases

With a midterm election and aggressive White House agenda, 2010 served up plenty of political theater and that also means lots of new catch phrases were added to the political conversation. The AEHQ team compiled a list of some of the top one-liners of the year.

1. BFD - Vice President Joe Biden is caught on an open microphone the day the health care legislation was signed, telling President Obama, this is a "big f------ deal."

2. "I'm not a witch" - Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell reminded voters after an old video surfaced where the Tea Party backed candidate described that she dabbled in witchcraft after dating a witch in high school.

3. "Aqua Buddha" Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway attacked his opponent Rand Paul for taking part in a college group that allegedly did drugs and worshipped a so-called aqua Buddha.

4. "Man-up" - This one was used by four different candidates in four separate races. Robin Carnahan (R-MO), Sharron Angle (R-NV), Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) and Jane Norton (R-CO) all questioned their opponents masculinity.

5. "Hell no you can't" - Current House Minority Leader and soon to be House Speaker John Boehner slammed the health care bill in a floor speech when he rhetorically asked, you say this was written openly? "Hell no you can't! " he responded.

6. Refudiate - Sarah Palin at the height of the controversy over the mosque near Ground Zero in a tweet used the non-word "refudiate" instead of repudiate.

7. "Held hostage" - President Obama said Republicans were holding hostage middle class tax cuts by insisting the Bush-era tax rates apply for everyone.

8. "Don't touch my junk" - a YouTube video went viral after a passenger refused to get a pat-down, marking the anger and opposition to the government's new airport guidelines

9. "You can't have the keys back" - President Obama gave the same stump-themed speech during the midterm election saying that Republicans drove the economy in the ditch and don't deserve to have the keys back.

10. "Shellacking" -- President Obama called the midterm election a "shellacking" after Republicans made historic gains taking over the House.

And for all the super-political junkies, here are the other phrases rounding out the list.

Enthusiasm gap, Palin's how's that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?, shovel-ready projects, recovery summer, the rent is too damn high, professional left, slurpee summit, hippie-punch, BP CEO's I want my life back, Rep. Barton's shakedown, Palin's mamma grizzlies, Senate Majority Leader Reid on sanctimonious lectures, death panel, Rep. Eric Massa tickling, backyard economic event.