Ben Nelson's Long Day Continues - No Deal Yet

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It's been a long couple of days for Sen Ben Nelson, Senate Democratic leaders, and White House aides, as they try to come up with a compromise to satisfy Nelson, the lone holdout vote in the Senate -- the 60th vote.

When asked about deadlines (Reid must introduce a bill Saturday) and pressure, Nelson said, "We don't have a deadline. Well, the leader has a set of schedules he wants to adhere to, but I do not have a deadline," Nelson said.

"The only pressure I feel is to get it right," Nelson added.

Sen Chuck Schumer, D-NY, has been at the center of those talks, and emerged to say, "We're making progress."

Nelson, who has a "laundry list" of concerns, from Medicaid expansion to Medicare cuts affecting Nebraska nursing homes, agreed that progress was being made, but there is "no deal yet."

Schumer said negotiators, including Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, as well as White House senior advisor Pete Rouse, have come along way. Most worked well into the night, leaving at 2am Friday morning, only to return midday to continue work.

Talks continue with most in their shirt-sleeves taking short breaks for lunch and dinner.

Schumer said CBO is involved at every step of the way, so Reid can introduce his manager's amendment Saturday morning.