Barrasso: Want to end Senate gridlock? Put Republicans in charge

Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso made the case for his party taking control of the Senate Wednesday, arguing that GOP candidates are the ones willing to "break through the gridlock" on Capitol Hill.

"People want to get things done, and the best way to do that is to put the Republicans in charge in the United States Senate," Barrasso said on Fox News' "America's Newsroom."

"We can bring to the floor bills that have passed in a bipartisan way in the House and get those to the president's desk," he added, taking a shot at Democratic Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid.

According to Barrasso, with Republicans at the helm, the focus can return to "jobs, the economy and putting America back to work" after years of broken promises from President Obama.

"There is palpable anger and anxiety all across the country where people believe the country is heading in the wrong direction under President Obama and that things are just out of control," he said, listing ISIS, Ebola and IRS targeting scandals as examples.

"He has made many promises and wonderful speeches as he ran for office, but six years later the American people are very disappointed in what they've gotten for Barack Obama in the White House,” Barrasso said.

While many key battleground races are still "too close" to predict, Barrasso said he’s "very optimistic" in the Republican Party's ground game leading up to Election Day.

"All across the country, the turnout effort has been really intensified by the Republicans," he said.