Two prominent conservative activists were accosted Monday outside a Philadelphia restaurant by a group of profanity-hurling protesters allegedly aligned with Antifa.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens were attempting to eat breakfast at the Green Eggs Café near Center City, when the group gathered outside and aggressively harassed them.

In video footage posted on Owens’ Twitter page, the protesters can be seen shouting and blowing whistles in the conservative commentators’ faces while chanting “F--- white supremacy." Owens is black.

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The video also shows one of the protesters dumping a bottle of water on Kirk.

In another video posted on Owens’ Twitter account, Philadelphia police officers can be seen trying to separate the two conservatives from the protesters as Owens yells back at the crowd, "We love the police, we love America, we love the USA."

Kirk and Owens, who were in Philadelphia to meet with Turning Point USA board members and hold business meetings, quickly took to Twitter to denounce the protesters -- and liberals for not criticizing the Antifa "mob."

“If a angry conservative mob formed while two young liberals, one white guy and a black woman, were eating breakfast, and the mob hurled horrific insults, threw objects and assaulted them, the left would call it a ‘hate crime’ and every major outlet would be demanding condemnation,” Kirk tweeted.

Owens, who called Antifa “an all-white fascist organization” in an earlier tweet, thanked the police for their help.

“Would like to personally and publicly thank the @PhillyPolice force for keeping us safe today. As you can see in the video, they were all Hispanic and black,” she tweeted.

The protests in Philadelphia are the latest in a series of public attacks on conservative officials and commentators in recent months as the divide over President Trump’s policies continues to widen.

In June, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was told to leave a Virginia restaurant following a tumultuous week where the administration was forced to walk back a policy separating immigrant families caught illegally crossing the border.

Also earlier this summer, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had to cut short a working dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Washington after protesters shouted, "Shame!" Protesters later gathered outside Nielsen’s Virginia townhouse, chanting “no justice, no sleep” and playing recordings of immigrant children crying.

Florida Attorney General – and ardent Trump supporter – Pam Bondi was also recently confronted by a group of protesters outside the screening of a documentary about Mister Rogers in Tampa.

Conservatives have pinned the blame for such confrontations in part on Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, who urged supporters to swarm Cabinet members at gas stations and anywhere else they're seen.

“Why won’t Democrat leaders denounce these ANTIFA thugs?” Kirk tweeted on Monday. “This is the new base of the Democrat party. They hate America and will go to violent measures to attack conservatives. This is {Maxine Water’s] America - she called for these sort of attacks.”