Administration Pushes Dems to Oppose Reining in Czars

Fox has learned, the White House has urged Senate Democrats not to support an amendment that would impose congressional oversight on "czars."

I recently posted a blog about Sen. GOP moderate Susan Collins' effort, via amendment to the Interior spending bill, to reign in the Obama Administration's use of these positions. There are more than 18 czars,  and they are not Senate-confirmed.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, who is managing the spending bill on the Senate floor, told Collins earlier this week that she was prepared to accept the amendment, but that one Democrat had an objection.  Both senators confirmed this to me directly.

Collins told me she knew who objected and that she thought it was "just a misunderstanding," that it could all be worked out.

What a difference a couple of days makes.

Now, Feinstein says the White House has indicated to her that she should back away from this effort.

"It's a huge separation of powers issue. I had no idea," Feinstein said. I asked if this was the message from the White House, and she said, "Exactly."   She would not say who she had spoken to in the Administration.