Rick Sanchez: Ted Cruz is not a natural born American, and neither am I

Even if both of Senator Ted Cruz’s parents were American born, it still wouldn’t matter. He was born in Canada. Period. His parents weren’t there because they needed to be. They were there because they wanted to be. Ted Cruz, by the letter and spirit of the law, cannot be president!

It’s pretty simple, if Eleanor and Rafael Cruz were eligible to vote according to the Canadian election board, that means they were Canadian citizens.

— Rick Sanchez

Here’s why this matters to me. I’ve always wanted to be president of the United States. It’s not an ego thing; it’s a respect thing. You see, because I arrived in this country as an immigrant and because I felt as if I’d been rescued, like I’d found the most welcoming place in the world, the place that would provide opportunities not only for me, but for my entire family and everyone I love — then it follows that I would want to protect it, love it and even lead it.

Now, I’m probably the least qualified guy to be president, but it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I want it — that we all want it. Not because of what it would do for us, but rather because of what we all should be willing to do for America.

Unfortunately, the law says I, Rick Sanchez, cannot be President of the United States. I know that because it’s one of those things I’ve thought about my whole life. Most immigrants realize that when the moment they become naturalized — that it’s the one thing you simply can’t achieve.

Becoming an American is a dream come true. It bequeaths on us non “natural born Americans” everything that natural born Americans have — except for one! We don’t get to be president ever.

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Now along comes Senator Ted Cruz who seems to be saying, “I know I wasn’t born here, but guess what — I want to change the rules, I want it all.”

The problem for Ted Cruz is that we know what the spirit and letter of the law says. It says if you want to be an American president, you have to be born on United States territory just like every other man who’s ever held the office was born in the contiguous United States and Hawaii. Common sense says “being born in the United States” means just what it says.

That doesn’t mean Americans are unreasonable. Most of us could understand exceptions we would gladly consider. For example, let’s say you were born overseas in an embassy because your parent is a diplomat. Got it, check — you’re good. Or let’s say you are born to parents who are stationed overseas? Check, you’re good. Here’s another one, your mom and dad happen to be vacationing and you arrive early while you’re in some foreign country. OK, I got it. You’re good there as well — you should be permitted to be president.

But in the case of Cruz, none of those scenarios come into play. In fact, it’s the opposite. His dad wasn’t even born in the U.S., he was born in Cuba, while his mom was born in America, but was living in Canada. She wasn’t there because of extenuating circumstances, which mandated her to be there on behalf of the U.S. government. She was there because she wanted to be there — her choice!

Candidate Cruz was not born in the United States, he was born in Canada. And guess what? Common sense says his situation is not what the founding fathers envisioned when they described who should or should not be allowed to be president.

But there’s more! This may put to rest any chance Ted Cruz has to somehow convince us he’s not really Canadian, and should be allowed to be president. Some have tried to argue that although Cruz’s parents were in Canada when he was born, they were still U.S. citizens. I guess they want us to see it as an extended work vacation of some sort.

Unfortunately, here’s the problem. According to a new report released by Canadian authorities, Cruz’s mother not only lived in Canada, but she was enrolled as a voter.

In a document uncovered by “Talking Points Memo” and published by Breitbart News, Ted Cruz’s parents were officially named on a Calgary list of electors for Canada’s federal election in July 8, 1974. They are listed as residents of 920 Riverdale Avenue, Calgary, Alberta who are eligible to vote. And here’s the clincher, only Canadian Citizens are allowed to vote in Canada. That’s right, Canadian law restricts federal voting rights to only Canadian citizens. It’s pretty simple, if Eleanor and Rafael Cruz were eligible to vote according to the Canadian election board, that means they were Canadian citizens.

Did you hear that? They were Canadian citizens, not American citizens. And that makes Ted Cruz’s argument about being a natural American citizen at the very least arguable. After all, he was likely born to Canadian citizens.

That’s a problem — a serious one at that for a man wanting to be president. Sorry Ted, as a fellow Cuban American, I feel your pain. But I’m reminded of one of your favorite songs. “You can’t always get want you want, but if you try sometimes, you find you might get what you need.”

Good luck Ted!