Republicans are tearing themselves apart: Children, children, grow up

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Ah, remember the good old days when Republicans only hated Democrats? Now they hate each other, too. And apparently with even more venom.

The chew-’em-up-and-spit-’em-out orgy in the House is the political version of a circular firing squad. The search for ideological purity apparently requires that the car be blown up because it squeaks.

Numbers-wise, these are the Golden Days of the GOP. They enjoy big margins in both houses of Congress, a huge advantage in statehouses and a broad, deep and diversified presidential pool. It’s the Democrats who are old and tired.

Yet the Republicans couldn’t take yes for an answer and chose fratricide. Ignoring Ronald Reagan’s commandment to never speak ill of a partymate, his would-be heirs adopt the playground attitude of “he hit me first.”

Children, children, grow up!

Dems and their media handmaidens are enjoying the spectacle, as well they should — for as long as they can. Their turn is coming once Barack Obama leaves the stage and the patchwork quilt of special-interest groups start having at each other. Without Dear Leader to keep order, the fault lines of the government party will turn into chasms. And nobody spews vitriol and invective better than scorned leftists.

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