Media Matters for America is a left-leaning media watchdog group noted for their aggressiveness.

Their targets? Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, and anything to the right of Michael Moore.

When it was learned that Fox News hired respected White House correspondent Ed Henry away from CNN, Media Matters sprang into action with a document attacking Henry.

In the document, Media Matters noted, for example, “In 2005, Henry described a Democratic proposal for withdrawal from Iraq as what ‘some have referred to’ as ‘the cut-and-run provision,’ a phrase that echoed a Republican talking point about the conflict.” The horror! [Check out a roundup of political cartoons on Democrats.]

That Henry reported what Republicans were saying—as opposed to incorporating those points—is hardly noteworthy, much less-attack worthy. It was a weak attack, but the weakness of the attack didn’t prevent the Atlantic from reporting, “Media Matters Instantly Declares War on Ed Henry.”

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