Is Obama Pushing the 'Reset' Button Or the Panic Button?

President Obama has repeatedly described his initiatives as on everything from health care to the economy as pushing the “reset button” (the nuke reduction deal with Russia is the latest example). But as the political debate over his policies grows, it begs the question: Are his "reset buttons" really reverse buttons, panic buttons, or forward buttons?

Since all sides in political debates marshal their own arguments—including dueling statistics—the next practical way this “hot button” question will be answered will be through the midterm elections in November. But let’s take an early vote. Based on Obama’s bold initiatives and proposals, which kind of button is he pushing in each area and with what results?

• Health care reform
• Economic stimulation and job creation
• Fighting terrorism and improving national security
• The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
• America's dealings with allies and adversaries worldwide
• Government ethics
• Taxing and spending
• Immigration
• Energy
• Abortion
• Education
Social Security
• Race relations
• The country’s laws, courts, and our overall justice system
• Trade
• Nuclear policies
• The style and substance of political discourse at home and abroad

There are many other issues that could go on this list. Add any you like, cast your vote, and let others hear your reasoning.

Communications consultant Jon Kraushar is at