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America's New Role in Iraq

President Obama to address nation on future counterterrorism efforts

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  1. Iraq takes charge of it’s own security

    So far, so Iraq takes charge of it’s own security

  2. Sheikh Tarik Al Abdullah

    Greta's full interview with the man who wants to be prime minister of Iraq

  3. Historic Development

    Iraq takes over control of the Green Zone from U.S. troops

  4. Sens. Lieberman, Bayh

    McCain and Obama supporters debate whether Iraq timeline would be helpful or not

  5. Obama Heralds Imminent Iraq Troop Drawdown

    President says he's one month away from delivering on campaign promise to end war

  6. Defcon3 7/7/09

    Will Iraq succeed as the first self-sustaining democracy in the Arab-Muslim world?

  7. Obama in Iraq

    Gen. Richard Myers, ex-head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on candidate's meetings with military leaders

  8. What Does the Future Hold for Iraq ?

    All-Star panel on outlook for region after U.S. troops leave

  9. 'We Won! We Brought Democracy to Iraq'

    American forces emotional as they wind down 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'

  10. Surprise Visit

    Bush makes last trip to Iraq as President, live report from Iraq

  11. Obama: Iraq Drawdown on Schedule

    50,000 troops to remain in Iraq

  12. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

  1. Unique Perspective on End of U.S. Combat Mission in Iraq

    Fox News' Greg Kelly was first TV journalist into Iraq during U.S. invasion

  2. Major Milestone

    U.S. hands over control of Baghdad's Green Zone to Iraq

  3. Major Milestone

    What does troop pullout mean to Iraq war veterans?

  4. Danger Zone

    Speculation that as violence decreases in Iraq , troops may head to more unstable areas instead of coming home

  5. 'Let Them Build' Chairman Jon Soltz tells Alan why veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are joining forces to support the Islamic center near Ground Zero.

  6. Camp War Eagle

    Troops in Iraq mark July 4 and withdrawal from cities

  7. Campaigning on Iraq

    Barack Obama introduces new reason for ending the war as soon as possible

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