“President Trump’s scheme subverted U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine and undermined our national security.”

So reads the Democrat’s charade of an impeachment “report,” suggesting President Trump’s attempts to expose corruption in Ukraine were somehow politically motivated. The report’s author, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., went on to describe the president as “unbound” and “unaccountable”—because Schiff is a model of even-keeled temperament. He and other Democrats formally adopted the report a party-line vote, leading up to today’s impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.

Don’t be fooled: Schiff’s impeachment charade is exactly that, and it’s incompatible with the long and esteemed history of the United States Congress.


Anti-Trump Democrats have essentially hijacked one of the three branches of federal government by consuming Congress with a bogus impeachment process, which has only deepened our divisions while grinding government to a halt.

This is unprecedented. I have served four U.S. presidents, including two tours at the highest rank of White House staff as Assistant to the President.

I have also advised six different presidential campaigns, so I’ve lived and breathed politics for decades.

As chairman of Great America PAC, I worked hard to help elect President Trump, so I understand just how determined the Left is to not only undermine his agenda, but ultimately remove him from office.

I have never seen such naked, self-serving partisanship. Since Inauguration Day, impeachment has been the left’s primary agenda.

Mere weeks after his election, Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., pressured President Trump to divest business assets that could pose a conflict of interest, supporting legislation would make violations of federal conflict-of-interest rules “a high crime or misdemeanor under the impeachment clause of the U.S. Constitution.”

Three years later, that same agenda has resulted in the impeachment “hearings” we see today. It’s a farce.

After the Mueller report predictably exonerated President Trump earlier this year, Schiff embraced a whistleblower whose claims would purportedly lay the foundation for impeachment. Within months, however, a supposed truth-teller was exposed as a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House. This was a Democrat who had previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to one National Security Council official, the whistleblower was “accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump.” That same whistleblower reportedly worked with a Democratic National Committee operative, Alexandra Chalupa, who conducted opposition research on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. He even invited her into the White House for meetings.

In the process, the whistleblower even sought out Schiff for “guidance.” That’s right: The whistleblower, a Democrat, worked with the ringleader of impeachment to remove a sitting president from office. And now we are to believe the impeachment process is “nonpartisan”?


Making matters worse, Schiff repeatedly lied about his contact with the whistleblower. In an MSNBC interview, Schiff infamously claimed, “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.” It’s a claim so egregious that even The Washington Post and PolitiFact—which are anything but pro-Trump—accused Schiff of lying to the American people.

The charade goes on. Schiff recently scrambled to stop the whistleblower from being named, while finding time to accuse President Trump of acting “for his own personal, political gain”—again, because Schiff is a model of nonpartisanship. Even as Republicans attempt to speak with the whistleblower, Democrats put up roadblocks at every turn.

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As Rep. Kevin McCarthy recently explained, “[Schiff’s] focus—in his own words—is to send the president ‘back to the golden throne he came from.’”

Such partisanship is not only antithetical to our democracy, but it also sets a dangerous precedent for future dealings between a sitting president and the opposition party. If the Democrats can pursue impeachment now—when there are virtually no grounds to so—are we to expect an impeachment inquiry every four years?

How can Republicans trust any Democrat, when the Democratic Party has been hell-bent on impeachment since 2016? Imagine if Republicans had launched a bogus impeachment inquiry against President Obama, solely on the grounds of him being a Democrat.


In lieu of trust, what Republicans can do is mobilize. Based on recent polling, Republicans (and other Americans) are determined to look past Schiff’s impeachment charade and join together in support of President Trump.

The Democrats may have “impeachment,” but President Trump has a booming economy and the safest, most secure America in recent memory. I’ll take the latter, and so should you.