Gretchen's Take: Too often we forget the reason for the holiday season

Too often, especially during the Christmas season, we often times forget the reason for the season, right?

With the craziness of getting everything ready for Christmas, I've fallen prey to the stress of it all this year. I, like so many of you no doubt, have not been sitting back to enjoy the spirit of Christmas season as much as I should be.

That's why I love the "God Winks" stories. They are all truly amazing. Especially -- I think -- if you happen to be a believer because each of those little winks cause us to go "wow"... God really does speak to us in the most mysterious ways.

But these little winks also remind us about the most important part of this Christmas season -- and that's the birth of the Christ child.  So through all the craziness of the hustle and bustle and the last minute gift buying and getting out your cards and making it to all those parties ... Let's do this together ...

Let's take the time to stop and enjoy the season and keep in perspective what its really all about for us -- for our kids -- for our families.