Eric Bolling: Will Hillary use her Clinton Foundation billions to help Louisiana?

As I wrote in my New York Times bestselling book "Wake Up America," Hillary Clinton and her kin are full of hypocrisy and double standards.

Bill and Hillary have, for the longest time, believed that they are above the law. The endless list of scandals has never stopped them from asking for a promotion from the American people: Vince Foster, Mark Rich, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Benghazi, classified emails going missing – the list never ends! Richard Nixon had nothing on Hillary!

As election day approaches, there is a dark cloud hovering over the Clinton Foundation. We know that, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton threw her weight around to accommodate donors to the foundation. We just learned this week that special favors were granted -- by our government -- to those who contributed to the Clinton’s private slush fund, more commonly known as the Clinton Foundation.

Are we really surprised then that Hillary Clinton participated in a "pay to play" scheme? Is quid-pro-quo foreign to the Clintons? Not one bit. While the scandals won’t end, and the fury of the American people will not subside, Hillary and Bill Clinton have an opportunity right now to showcase a good deed. I applaud charity to Africa and Asia, but how about something closer to home? So here's my question:

Why won’t Hillary Clinton use some of the billions in the Clinton Foundation and make a significant donation to those suffering in Louisiana?

She doesn’t even have to open her personal checkbook (since we all have heard about how broke she is) she can just use the Foundation's funds.

Today, I call on the Clinton Foundation to support those devastated by the latest storm and ensuing flooding in Louisiana. Surely, Hillary won't object even if Louisiana will likely vote for her opponent. Surely, Hillary and Bill can spare a few millions out of the nearly $2 billion dollars raised by their foundation to help people suffering here at home!

We all remember when Hillary, in her testimony to congress about the Benghazi attacks uttered these cringe worthy words: “What difference does it make?”

Here is a chance to show the world that decency knows no political affiliation and together we can make a difference for the people of Louisiana and America.

I hope Hillary Clinton takes my advice and helps fellow Americans -- even though there’s likely nothing in it for her and Bill.

I’m not holding my breath...