Ex-Trump lawyer Dowd claims Mueller 'badly misled' White House legal team, mocks Schiff as 'Nancy's liar'

President Trump's former attorney John Dowd told “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Fox News Radio Thursday he found it "staggering” that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “so-called 'Dream Team' would put on such a fraud.”

“In the last few days, I have been going back through my files and we were badly misled by Mueller and his senior people, particularly in the meetings that we had,” Dowd told host Brian Kilmeade.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department released a mostly unredacted version of then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's August 2017 “scope memo” which outlined Mueller's authority, which went significantly beyond what was previously known.

Rosenstein, who left the Justice Department in May 2019, oversaw Mueller's probe and played a central role in its still-unfolding drama.

“There’s no question it’s a fraud … I think the whole report is just nonsense and it’s staggering that the so-called 'Dream Team' would put on such a fraud,” Dowd said Thursday.

Mueller ultimately found no evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy with Russia to interfere with an election by any U.S. person.

Dowd also discussed Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, which is expected to be wrapped up by the end of the summer.


“Durham has really got a load on his hands tracking all this down,” Dowd said.

Durham was appointed last year by Attorney General Bill Barr to review the events leading up to Trump’s inauguration. However, Durham has since expanded his investigation to cover a post-election timeline spanning the spring of 2017, when Mueller was appointed as special counsel.

Dowd also reacted to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s initial claim that there was “direct evidence” of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 campaign, even though transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews prove otherwise.

“Schiff doesn’t release these interviews because they’re going to make him a liar,” Dowd said. They’re going to expose him and he’ll be run out of town.”


Senior administration and intelligence community officials told Fox News late Wednesday that transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews that have been cleared for release showed top law enforcement and intelligence officials affirming they had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

“Schiff is in panic mode,” a senior administration official told Fox News.

“We all know he’s lying,” Dowd said. “He lied for months in the impeachment inquiry. He’s essentially Nancy [Pelosi]’s liar and he’s now going to be exposed.”

Fox News’ Gregg Re and Brooke Singman contributed to this report.