Dr. Janette Nesheiwat on coronavirus measures: 'Remember, this is temporary'

CityMD medical director Dr. Janette Nesheiwat joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday to address specific questions regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

"We have to take preventative measures. And remember, this is temporary. It's a temporary quarantine so that not only do we protect others, your neighbor in the community, but to protect yourself, because we don't want you to get sick," Nesheiwat said. "We don't want you to have more than a cough, a sniffle or runny nose and develop restorative pneumonia, which is hospitalizing a small percentage of people.

"So it's a matter of prevention and also protecting yourself so that your circumstances and your condition doesn't worsen," Nesheiwat told host Tucker Carlson.


President Trump announced Wednesday that travel between European countries and the U.S. would be suspended for 30 days as the fast-spreading pandemic continues to grow.

Trump said the measure would go into effect at midnight Friday, adding the "strong but necessary" restrictions would not apply to the United Kingdom and there would be exemptions for “Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings." The restrictions also would not apply to cargo and the U.S. would monitor the situation to determine if travel could be reopened earlier.

Shortly before the announcement, Nesheiwat advised senior citizens to rethink their travel plans especially "seniors who are most vulnerable to critical infection and complications."


Nesheiwat also told viewers to listen to the Center For Disease Control's guidelines.

"Avoid large, crowded areas. Don't go out in public if you're sick, stay home if you're sick. And of course, the other basic stuff that we know to help protect ourselves," Nesheiwat said. "Number one, the best way to prevent the spread of infection, Tucker, is hand-washing. Thirty percent of people don't wash their hands and, of course, get plenty of rest. Don't smoke. Stay hydrated. Get a good, well-balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, that sort of thing."

Louis Casiano and The Associated Press contributed to this report.