YouTube star reveals she has two vaginas

Cassandra Bankson, 22, uses YouTube to offer make-up tutorials, inspire people with her story of acne and bullying and even talk about her two vaginas.

The unique discovery came after experiencing back pain that she and her mother feared was a sign of kidney problems.

An MRI revealed that she had only one kidney, but to her surprise, two vaginas, two cervixes and two fallopian tubes.

The condition known as uterus didelphys develops in utero. According to the Mayo Clinic, the uterus starts out as two small tubes that normally join together to create one whole intact uterus. In the case of Bankson, however, the tubes didn’t join completely, creating her two vaginas.

The condition is rare and may be associated to kidney abnormalities. In a YouTube post addressing her diagnosis Bankson said, “this explains my 21-day periods, this explains my unruly mood swings!”

According to the Mayo Clinic, a double uterus can lead to infertility or miscarriages. It also may cause premature birth or babies being born in the breech position.

In her YouTube post, Bankson said that she has lived with her two vaginas without a problem and “hopefully it won’t be in the future!”