An Argentinian woman who weighs more than 750 pounds is making an online plea for help from medical officials who she claims refuse to help after she developed a tumor that caused her weight to spiral out of control.

Isabella Amaral, 30, said the tumor on her leg, which weighs more than 100 pounds, progressively caused her to become immobile, Central European News (CEN) reported. Amarel claims it needs urgent analysis but that local government officials are involved in a dispute that is preventing her from being transported to the hospital by ambulance.

“They say it is impossible to move somebody of my weight in an ambulance, but I know it’s a lie because they have done it with other people in my condition. They are leaving me to die!” she told local media, according to CEN.

Amaral relies solely on care from her mother and two brothers, who bathe and feed her, and she is unable to move from the bed.

“I have no life. I breathe because the air is free. I need to be transferred immediately,” she reportedly said in the interview.

“I don’t want to be evaluated over the phone or from a photo. I don’t believe in the virtual stuff. The doctors who come to my house get scared, they don’t even want to look at me, but I want to live, I need my heath,” she said, according to CEN.

Amaral told local media she doesn’t want donations or money, just for her story to generate enough attention so that officials will intervene and get her medical attention.