Woman cries tears of blood in condition that baffles doctors

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A desperate woman says she is in "indescribable" pain since she started crying tears of blood.

Yaritza Oliva started to inexplicably bleed from her eyes earlier this month, according to The Huffington Post. The 20-year-old's condition has baffled doctors, but she is believed to have a rare condition called haemolacria.

"Nobody knows what to give me, do not know what I have. Do not know why me," Oliva told 24 Horas.

Doctors had initially prescribed eye drops to the Chilean woman, who cries blood three times a day, but this failed to ease her pain. Medical experts have ruled out pink eye, a simple eye infection or conjunctivitis.

Doctors have so far been unable to diagnose the young woman's condition, but bleeding from the eyes is a symptom of haemolacria.

Oliva's family, of Purranque in the Los Lagos Region, are begging for donations so they can afford to take their daughter to a specialist. Oliva's father Jose Oliva, an out-of-work carpenter, said they could not even afford to get an accurate diagnosis.

"If we had money to take her to do everything possible, and we had done. It's painful for you," he told 24 Horas. "Has anyone put their hands over their hearts and see our situation and help my daughter."

A similar case was reported in 2009 when a teenage boy exhibited similar symptoms. When Calvino Inman started crying blood up to three times a day, doctors tentatively diagnosed his condition as haemolacria.

Not much is known about the rare condition or its causes.

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