Woman builds Lego leg to inspire fellow amputees

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Christina Stephens lost part of her leg earlier this year, but she has not let the amputation destroy her sense of optimism and stop her from showing off her sense of humor.

Last month, Christina uploaded a video of herself building a prosthetic leg out of Legos. The five minute video starts from the first piece of Lego, and ends when she's trying to stand and walk with her new leg. There is even a moment where the instability of Lego pieces causes her to fall. This video has gotten more than 800,000 views since upload.

[youtube W8fdXNN0irI]

In an interview with KTVI - FOX 2, Christina told reporter Shawndrea Thomas, "I want other people to be comfortable in their own skin and, if they are amputees, to be more comfortable with their limb difference."

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