Who's Your Daddy? Sperm Donation Creating 'Superdads' that May Have Fathered Hundreds, Report Say

NEW YORK, N.Y. - A website set up for children of sperm donors has found that a number of “superdads” may have fathered dozens, sometimes hundreds of children, according to the New York Post.

The non-profit group, Donor Sibling Registry, tracks children who may share the same father.

Wendy Kramer, who started the online registry, said a donor in Virginia sired 129 children and counting. Another donor, in the Boston area, has been traced to 72 children, said Kramer.

There is no limit on how many banks a donor can sell his sperm to, about 21 percent of donor dads have given to more than one, according to Kramer.

“Donors are screened so that the most fertile get selected, because high sperm count and good motility are most likely to produce a pregnancy”, said Albert Anouna, director of Biogenetics and Sperm Bank of New York.

High-performers who are responsible for many pregnancies are the ones in high demand by women.

Todd Whitehurst is one of a handful of donor dads who has connected with his children. Whitehurst knows of nine children he has fathered but believes more could be out there.

The 45-year-old medical engineer said when he was a cash-strapped college student, he donated weekly for about three years, for $50 a visit, at a clinic on the Stanford University campus in the 1980s and ‘90s.

One biogeneticist said statistically speaking, Whitehurst could be the father of 42 to 60 children.

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