Ways to successfully quit smoking

One of the hardest addictions to shake is smoking – but quitting is the best decision you will ever make.

Smoking cigarettes can lead to many medical problems, such as:

- High blood pressure
- Heart disease
- Stroke
- Infertility
- Various cancers, including mouth, lung and pancreas

However, lighting up is the number one preventable cause of death, so kicking the habit is your best chance.

Here are some ways to be successful:

- Make sure you have a detailed plan
- Seek support from friends and family
- Enter a quitting program where you can find support from others going through the same situation
- Exercise daily to help you quit and manage stress

There are also seven FDA-approved drugs that can help you stop smoking; talk to your doctor about which one is right for you.

For more tips on how to stop smoking, visit www.lung.org.