Watch cat videos, raise money for cancer on new website

Thanks to a new non-profit website, that cat-video-watching habit does more than just entertain— it helps raise money for cancer research, Bustle reported.

Cats vs Cancer, created by two Georgetown University graduates, curates cat photos, memes and videos. The site raises money on every page load the site sees, so taking time out from the day to click endlessly through videos means more money generated. Each month, the site chooses a different charity.

“We realized that anyone you meet in life could probably tell you a story about how cancer affected them in some way. It’s not something that you find people a few steps removed from,” co-founder Tom O’Connor, told Bustle.

The site is less than  a month old and has six employees. The company says it’s the first IRS-certified nonprofit whose goal is to raise money for charities by capitalizing on their site’s popularity.

“We want to become THE cat-focused entertainment destination on the web. And by doing so, we will also take reign as the coolest, most fun, and entertaining charity on the face of the planet,” co-founder Eddie Pena told Bustle.

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