Video addresses hazards of peeing in pools

Public restrooms are disgusting, but peeing in the pool is even worse.

The American Chemical Society uploaded a video on their “Reactions” YouTube channel, detailing how peeing in a pool is anything but harmless.

Pools are treated with chemicals like chlorine to get rid of bacteria, such as Salmonella or E.Coli — but these disinfectants also interact with human sweat, dirt and (you guessed it) urine.

These interactions form some gross compounds called Disinfection Byproducts, or DBPs, and they’re pretty unhealthy.

For starters, that familiar “pool smell,” often attributed to chlorine, is actually the product of chlorine mixing with urea — a chemical found in urine.

This compound is called trichloramine, and it’s also why people sometimes experience burning or itchy eyes — or even asthma issues.

Pee makes up half of all the DBPs in pools, so you’re not the only one secretly relieving yourself in the shallow corner.

But for the sake of public health and your fellow swimmers, brave the public restroom and keep it out of the deep end.

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