Vanessa Lachey is over the moon about the newest addition to her family: newborn Camden John.

But like any new mom, Lachey – an actress and TV personality – and her husband, singer Nick Lachey, still struggle with the demands of being newlyweds and caring for a baby.

That’s why she’s partnered with P&G to promote its “Have You Tried It Yet?” campaign. Through the initiative, she challenges parents to try P&G products, which include everything from diapers and wipes to toothpaste and laundry detergent – and she promises they will make life easier.

“I’m inspired to share these great ideas,” Lachey said. “We need something to make life less strenuous.”

Lachey said she and Nick have always been “a P&G family,” since the company is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, where Nick grew up.

“He looks at the label to see if it was made in Cincinnati,” Lachey said, laughing. “But the proof is in the pudding; they make the best products out there.”

Lachey, who added she and Nick do their own cleaning and laundry, advocates the products are economical.  The paper towels and baby wipes are made so you don’t need to use more than one at a time.

Consumers can log onto PGTRYIT.com to request coupons or free samples and even order online.

“P&G has the best sensitive wipes, so I’m not worried about diaper rashes or all the other little things,” she said. “Instead, I’m thinking ‘What are we going to encourage this young man to do in his life?’ How are we going to teach him to be a good a human being?”

Lachey said Nick is completely hands-on when it comes to Camden; friends have joked that all the paparazzi shots show him holding Camden – and not her.

“I get to nurse him, but whenever I’m not nursing, Nick wants him,” Lachey said. “He just can’t get enough. He changes diapers, he does half the chores in the house, (and) he does laundry. I can’t complain!”

Lachey noted the last nine weeks of her pregnancy were challenging, saying, “Like a turkey, (I was) done!” Now she is taking some time off to focus on her new bundle of joy.

“It’s so funny, when I was pregnant, I had all these meetings, but then I sat down with Nick, and we decided what we wanted as a family,” Lachey said. “It’s important for me to take this time now to be a mom; it’s one of the hardest jobs out there – raising a human being.”

For now, the best moments are spent watching football and baseball games in their home theater, which also allows the couple to sneak in catnaps.

“We love sports,” Lachey said. “We don’t miss a Bengals game.”

But, with typical Lachey humor – mixed with sincerity – she is quick to add her son is also a Bearcat and Reds fan.