A 28-year-old woman who claims she forked over $3,500 for a breast implant procedure and all-inclusive stay abroad said she has been left with a lopsided chest and feels “like a total freak” after her care was allegedly mismanaged. Holly McCulloch claims that at one point, a 7-centimeter hole along her surgical wound started smelling “like rotten meat,” and then she noticed her implant had started poking through the skin.

“Had a doctor told me that what I wanted was crazy, I’d have been fine and just gone for the largest possible for my body,” Holly McCulloch, of Manchester, told SWNS of her initial implant size. “It was the doctor’s and nurses’ jobs to make sure I was fit and well after the second surgery, and they should have never let me go home in such a state.”


McCulloch, who traveled from her home to Turkey in August 2018 for the first surgery, told SWNS that she booked her trip after seeing an ad on Instagram. She said the ad featured celebrities and high-profile clients which boosted her confidence in booking.

When she arrived, she told the news outlet that she began getting suspicious about the clinic’s practices, but that her nerves prevented her from questioning anything. She claims she was sedated in an elevator, and that she communicated with a number of nurses through a translation app.

McCulloch said that after her second trip to the villa she "felt like she was dying" on the plane ride home. 

McCulloch said that after her second trip to the villa she "felt like she was dying" on the plane ride home.  (SWNS)

McCulloch told SWNS that when she woke up from the first procedure covered in her own vomit, she was allegedly in so much pain due to the size of her implants that she was taken back in to have them removed.

McCulloch said when she woke up a second time, her implants were gone and she was left with “loose, saggy skin, all stretched out from the huge implants.”

She claims she went home several days later on the promise of free implants when she returned to the clinic. In January 2019, she returned to the villa and chose smaller implants, but days later she “felt like she was dying.”


She said she was allowed to fly home and was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital directly from the Manchester airport, where doctors discovered a large blister along one of her incisions. She claims she was given antibiotics for an infection and sent home, but that her surgical wounds began leaking green and yellow pus, and her skin was turning black.

She said she spent several days in a local hospital being treated for an infection, but the black hole kept getting larger despite doctors’ assurances that her skin would heal. She said by mid-February it had started smelling “like rotten meat,” and then she heard a ripping sound and saw her implant “poking out.”

She returned to the same local hospital, where she learned the implant would need to be removed.

“I asked what the alternative was and he told me if it wasn’t removed the infection would end up killing me,” McCulloch told the news outlet.

She is now scheduled to have implant surgery in three months.


The NHS advises against booking procedures advertised as a “treatment plus a holiday.” And to “avoid meet-and-greet evenings with salespeople rather than the surgeon who will operate on you.” It also cautions against going to an unknown hospital for a procedure with a surgeon you’ve never met.

“Selling cosmetic surgery as part of a holiday package is misleading,” the NHS said on its website. “Cosmetic surgery is a major undertaking. While it is possible to have holiday before surgery, it is unrealistic to have one immediately after. It is not advisable to drink, lie in the sun or do anything energetic if you’re recovering from surgery.”