Top 5 Foods for More Sustained Energy

For people who are consistently on the go, wavering energy seems far too familiar. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, dealing with careers, relationships, family our energy can quickly dissipate, why? These things take up a lot of our energy. Sure the double lattes can do the job short term, but why not incorporate foods that can become your source of energy? After all, food is our fuel and it keeps us active longer minus the caffeine crash.

The most efficient strategy is to have smaller meals throughout the day, incorporating high-energy foods so that you are less likely to reach for a candy bar or a sugary caffeine beverage. Here are some energy foods you can eat throughout the day to help maintain that much needed energy.

1. Goji Berries: Goji berries have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. When consumed these berries have shown an increase in energy, regularity of gastrointestinal function and mental acuity. They also increase the body’s blood flow aiding in the circulation of oxygen allowing for the growth of cells and tissue. These berries also increase the body’s natural ability to handle stress; they are a great addition to have in your breakfast, as a snack or before a good workout.

2. Spinach: This low calorie rich in nutrient food aids in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration, some cancers and cardiovascular disease. It’s light and filling and loaded with antioxidants, protecting the body from free radicals. Swapping out your usual mixed greens for spinach is a great way to incorporate this energy rich leafy green.

3. Green Tea: Green tea is also high in the amino acid L-thianine. This has a calming effect and aides with concentration. There's a myth that green tea has more caffeine than coffee, however the L-theanine is most likely responsible for this. Instead of reaching for a double latte perhaps a nice Green Tea will provide a more soothing boost.

4. Almonds: Considered a superfood by some, almonds have lots of nutritional value.  A serving can contain as much protein as many meats.  Almonds also provide potassium and iron, which are essential in maintaining energy levels. Nuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids, a category of unsaturated fats that give muscles and organs their power source.

5. Quinoa: Considered a complete source for protein, Quinoa is gluten-free and rich in amino acids. It is a great replacement for wheat or any refined carbohydrate, which also supports cardiovascular function. It is also a long lasting energy source and aids in bowel function.

Bear in mind, simple modifications in our diet are vital to pave a way for optimum health and more sustained energy. Eating real foods that are less processed will ultimately make you feel better and the taste is unparallel. Remember to buy organic or locally grown when possible, your body will thank you in the long run.