Superhero window washers make children's day at Brazil hospital

At a children's hospital in Sao Paulo, two window washers dressed up as Batman and fellow superhero "The Flash" lit up the faces of young patients.

A day ahead of Brazil's celebration of "Children's Day" on Wednesday, the washers waved to the ill kids at Sabara Children's Hospital, took pictures with them from outside, and placed their hands on the glass sentimentally.

Jaquelina Maranhao said their visit lifted the spirits of her 8-year-old daughter Isabela.

"She was happy and got up to look and that was very good," Maranhao said. "When they are sick, they are a little down, quiet, so this helps them have fun."

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The superheroes said they too were fulfilled by their visit.

Daniel Barbosa, dressed in red and gold as the main hero from the American television series "The Flash," said he wanted to bring some happiness to the children.

"When I get home, I hug my daughter and feel stronger, freer, calmer, more peaceful, and I feel like I can pass this peace onto these children," Barbosa said with a smile.

Laura, 9, said Barbosa's gestures brightened her day.

"There is nothing to do in the hospital and, with these activities, a child's day is happier," Laura said.