Summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore.

With moves that throwback to your favorite childhood activities, the Adult Summer Camp fitness class at New York Sports Clubs is a fun way to sculpt your entire body.

“We chose exercises that sort of mock summer camp activities -- things you did when you were a child -- but you can kind of bring them back in a fitness fashion to make it more fun, and to kind of invigorate some of those muscles you might not have used in a while," Melissa Morin, a New York Sports Clubs group exercise instructor told FOXNews.com.

The workout involves mimicking the motions of activities like kayaking, Frisbee, water skiing, and surfing. The movements are designed to sculpt the entire body and the class can be modified to each individual’s fitness level.

“We can tailor the exercise for everyone. We have beginners that might come in and we can modify the exercises to make it a little easier. And then for the advanced we can kick it up a notch,” said Morin.

Class participants complete Adult Summer Camp circuit of exercises on turf-covered functional-fitness playgrounds called UXF Training Zones, which feature equipment such as suspension bands, battle ropes, sandbags, weighted sleds and tractor tires.

Throughout the class, participants compete against one another to see who can do the most repetitions at each activity, while rotating through the circuit three times. Points are tallied at the end to see who will be declared the Adult Summer Camp champion.

Classes are available throughout the summer at Town Sports International gyms across the country.  For more information, check out MySportsClubs.com.