Studio starts a rowing revival

While it used to be just an old dust collector at the gym, the rowing machine is quickly becoming part of one of the hottest new trends in fitness.’s Anna Kooiman recently paid a visit to Brooklyn Crew, New York City’s first indoor rowing studio.

Robert Minucci and Josh Ozeri, co-founders of Brooklyn Crew, said they thought up the idea of an indoor rowing studio after taking a crew class on the water.

“It was great exercise, it burns fat, builds lean muscle, and it’s fun, which is really what we were looking for,” said Minucci.

The fitness studio doesn’t use personal trainers for classes - they only employ professional crew coaches.

"Our coaches have extensive experience rowing and coaching on the water, which is something that you know, we, we really pride ourselves on,” said Munucci. “Our coaches are masters of motivation and they really pay attention to technique."

Head coach Michael Aiken said the full-body workout that rowing provides makes it an effective and fun way to strengthen every major muscle group. They offer two types of classes that cater to both beginners and advanced rowers. State-of-the-art, Olympic grade equipment helps make the workout all-inclusive.

"We don’t have to add gimmicks such as getting off the rower, getting down doing pushups, using hand weights,” Aiken said. “We can get that full body workout in that 45 minute session, just through rowing.”

Crew is low impact and easy on the joints, attracting athletes of all ages. And with 800 calories torched per class, it’s no surprise people are getting hooked.

"It’s not just coming and getting a great workout,” said Aiken. “The results that you're seeing, people are just really getting addicted to those results.”

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