'Smart shorts' offer real-time feedback on runners' performance

Achieving the perfect form while running can be a difficult fete for many, especially for those who enjoy jogging as more of a hobby. But now, with the help of new technology anyone from novice joggers to experienced marathoners can receive helpful tips on how to keep the perfect posture, form and stride while running.

Lumo Body Tech, a California-based company, is offering a way to give runners a leg up with their new Lumo Run shorts, which are meant to help athletes avoid injury and improve their run. The shorts have a smart sensor in the waist band that monitor nine different metrics including cadence, stride length, pace, distance and pelvic rotation.

The shorts also have the capability to sync with smartphone technology, providing runners with real-time verbal feedback on their performance through their headphones. There is also an accompanying Lumo Run App, which provides users with post-run measurements and tips on their running form.

The shorts are waterproof and are meant to last up to one month on a single charge. A pair of the Lumo Run shorts costs $149.

For more information on this technology, visit LumoBodyTech.com.